Lovely pics

Hey guys,

sorry for not posting anything for a few days but I always post when I have something to say or something nice to show you. If I don’t have, I don’t see any point in posting just for the stats. :)

So, I have in my laptop a few Gb full with pics  I love and I thought that will be nice to share some with you guys.

Hope you will like them as much as I do.

Peace and Love ! Have a lovely sunday !

P.S. Just ordered something from Coco Fashion ! Hope to have it ASAP :)


In love with Korean fashion

As you know guys, if you checked my first posts on this blog, I like asian fashion, especially the korean online stores. Why ? Because they look great, really in fashion and affordable ! Prices between 5 and 20 dollars !!! And if this is not cheap… I don’t know what is ! :))

I’ll give you a tip : try to make a big order with your friends, that way you can split the shipping costs !

And as you know me, I saved some photos from COCO Fashion web site, actually I saved a lot of photos :)) . Guys check COCO Fashion ‘ s  web site ( you can find the banner on the right side as well ) and please tell me what you think and if you ordered something please give me your feedback.

In one or two weeks I am going to post some pics with me wearing their clothes. Now I am just waiting for COCO Fashion to send me the products ! I am so excited !!! :)

Peace and Love ! Have a sunny day guys !

Taste the rainbow II

Cum spuneam si in postul anterior sunt dependenta de culori….mi-am facut chiar si peretii camerei verde aprins :) si observ cu placere ca apar din ce in ce mai multe cladiri,obiecte decorative, accesorii,telefoane si tot felul de nebunii cat mai colorate. Am sa postez  pentru toti cei care va mai aruncati o privire pe blogul meu, cateva poze cu tot felul de „chestii” colorate. :)

Tablourile le puteti gasi la RORO studio…aveti link in dreapta la blogroll :)