Essence hand balm


Hi guys,
Just wanted to share with you my fav thing these days. I don’t know if you have Essence products where you live, but if you have them, go and buy this amazing!! hand cream. It’s a winter edition that smells divine, like gingerbread chai latte and beside this amazing smell, it makes your hands super soft ( with shea butter and coconut oil ). I bought it three days ago and I used half of it. :) It comes in three different smells but I can’t remember now all of them… I think one of them was something with cinnammon and apple, but I am not sure.
Ooo, I forgot to tell you that was only 1 euro ! Like, how amazing is that ?
In the next few days I am going to make a review of some Essence products that I like and a review on that new Ombre Kit from L’Oreal.
Guys, please send me your impressions about Essence products, if you ever tried them.

Peace and Love ! Have a fun friday !


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