The new Saint Laurent

Bonjour mes chères amies

I feel French today :P and it’s only because I saw the new spring 2013 collections from the Paris Fashion Week catwalks. Yes, I know I am late but “better late than never”,right?

I was really impressed with the newly rechristened Saint Laurent and Hedi Slimane first collection for the famous house. I loved the pussy bows, the perfect leather pants, the Marocco style tassels, the big hats and the overall rock star look…and, on top of all that, the music was amazing. (you have a link for the music here )

I absolutely loved every piece of that collection, but these were some of my favourites:

all photos are from

And this is a video from the show. It’s not my video its from “” user on YouTube.

Hope you guys liked the collection as much as I did. If so, I am waiting for your impressions as well. :)

Peace and Love ! Hope you have a day filled with love, guys ! 


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