In love with Korean fashion

As you know guys, if you checked my first posts on this blog, I like asian fashion, especially the korean online stores. Why ? Because they look great, really in fashion and affordable ! Prices between 5 and 20 dollars !!! And if this is not cheap… I don’t know what is ! :))

I’ll give you a tip : try to make a big order with your friends, that way you can split the shipping costs !

And as you know me, I saved some photos from COCO Fashion web site, actually I saved a lot of photos :)) . Guys check COCO Fashion ‘ s  web site ( you can find the banner on the right side as well ) and please tell me what you think and if you ordered something please give me your feedback.

In one or two weeks I am going to post some pics with me wearing their clothes. Now I am just waiting for COCO Fashion to send me the products ! I am so excited !!! :)

Peace and Love ! Have a sunny day guys !


3 thoughts on “In love with Korean fashion

  1. I just found your blog and I love it! I love fashion (Korean fashion is particular) so much too! And thanks to you I now know a new online store to shop at. :D I can’t wait to keep reading more of your posts. The second dress at the top is soooo cute by the way! x

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